Any good deep drop spots off Islamorada?

The Tennessee light marker is a great place to cast net some live bait like scaled sardines or you can sabiki them up. Below is the coordinates. It is also a great place to troll around the reef and the outside of it.

Tennessee Reef Light

The Tennessee Ledge is also a good place for deeper diving with an abundance of fish. It runs west of the light with a slow slope going from 30 – 50′. The Tennessee Reef Drop Off is located between the reef and the red number 18 day marker. Tennessee Reef Light

The Tennessee Reef Light was one of the two lights to be erected in 1933 using the 1932 design. It stands in 15 feet (4.6 m) of water, and is painted black. It is the only one of the unmanned reef lights in the Florida Keys that still has its lantern.

Location: south of Long Key Coordinates WGS-84 (GPS) 24°45′N 80°47′W Year first lit: 1933 Original lens: fourth order Fresnel lens Characteristic: Flashing white, 0.3 seconds

Location South of Long Key
Coordinates WGS-84 (GPS) 24°45′N 80°47′W
Year first lit 1933
Original lens Fourth order Fresnel lens
Characteristic Flashing white, 0.3 seconds

CAP DAVE 05 Small

Captain David M Rieumont

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You can check out Captain David himself from his incredible and very popular Patriotic Angler podcast. They cover every bit of fishing you can imagine, and there are new ones being created constantly. David and his team remain one of best resources any fishing community has anywhere in the country.


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