Can I Catch Crappie in the Summer?

Hi Mr. Shalla,

Yes, you can get them to bite. The problem is, post-spawn Crappie get lock jaw, therefore employing some different fishing methods will often get them to bite. They get this way because they are worn out from their spawn. The last thing on their mind is eating and chasing baits. You will have to make yourself much more mobile, moving a lot and picking up one or two crappie in each school that you find. A key is to use different baits and work them thoroughly.


A great bait for suspended crappie that don’t want to eat is a 200 series Bandit rankbait. Another are small tubes in varied colors. The crappie in the post-spawn stage have to be triggered into biting. You should be changing colors and depths constantly. Think of reaction strike as the most effective way to catch them, not the normal, natural-looking baits that are based on what they would eat. Pissing them off is a great way to put it. This is a common problem for all crappie anglers after the spawn — what might work one day, will not work the next. So change is very important. Don’t get caught up in the regular routine. Try some out-of-the-box thinking.

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