Can I Drift Fish in Sebastian Inlet?

Drifting the inlet can become crowded with boats and it actually can be dangerous if everyone doesn’t have any kind of drifting experience. Night fishing is very good during summer months. Most anglers like the outgoing tide. The tidal current is very strong in the inlet. If the tide is coming in get uptide and make sure you keep your engine out of gear but running. You will pop it in and out of gear to keep your drift control. The engine running will not scare the fish because the inlet depth is pretty deep. When done with your drift, make sure you do not run back up the area you drifted if your catching fish or if there are other boats in the same drift.

The best live baits are free lined pigfish close and under the bridge. These fish will use the current to their advantage. So heavier tackle is required. There are many big fish in the inlet. Big trout, redfish and tarpon.

Sebastian Inlet

If you have not drifted the inlet before I would avoid drifting it around the new and full moons. Just because the tidal current is extra strong at these times. Try drifting it during the first and last quarters of the moon phases. The tidal current will be much slower and weaker. It might be a good idea to take another angler with you who has drifted the inlet before. Last use your engine steering even while in idle to adjust your drift.

I might also suggest you first take a guide once or twice to drift that water; somebody who’s had serious experience doing it. If you do that, you’re first trip is likely to be far less frightening and les dangerous.

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