Can You Recommend a Good Spinning Rod for Spanish Mackerel?

The reason I recommend the two rods below is because of the moderate-to-slow action they have (soft tips). They are very flexible at the tip, so when a Spanish mackerel strikes your bait at their usual high rate of speed, the forgiveness in the tip helps keep the hook from being torn out of their mouth. This is especially important if you are using braid, because braid has no stretch. You can also keep a very light drag and use mono instead of braid. If you do use braid, use a much longer shock leader.

The Spanish mackerel in the photo was caught on an Ohero Gold rod, along with over 100 more mackerel that day. Captain Mike Cole and I had two children on board that day.

The two spinning rods I would recommend are:

  • Ohero Gold Model ISG80ML 8′ Medium light – approximately $59.99. The Ohero is an IM-7 high modulus graphite blank with silicon carbide guides, cork grips and a stainless steel hook-keeper. I might be a little biased on this one. I designed it about eight years ago.
  • The second rod would be the Shakespeare 7′ Inshore Select, medium-light, model ISSP11701ML – approximately $49.99.

Ohero 8′ Gold Model ISG80ML Medium light

  • IM-7 high modulus graphite blank
  • SiC (Silicon Carbide) guides
  • High quality cork grips
  • Stainless steel hook-keeper
  • Lure weight -1/8th – 5/8th oz.
  • Line weight – 4-to-12 lb.

Shakespeare 7′ Inshore Select ISSP11701ML Medium light

  • Howald Process Triple Built blank design with added graphite for lighter weight and smaller diameter blanks.
  • Durable and lightweight “Ugly Tuff” EVA split grips.
  • Graphite Fuji spinning reel seats with corrosion resistant stainless steel cushioned hoods.
  • Total touch graphite exposed blank reel seats on casting models with corrosion resistant stainless steel cushioned hoods.
  • Fuji stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts.
  • Even taper actions for throwing live bait and artificial lures.
  • Custom hand-wound diamond wrap.
  • Exclusive “Ugly Back” 60 day/5 year warranty.

Captain David M Rieumont
The Online Fisherman Inc.


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