Do you know any good freshwater treble hook baits for bass?

If I were to use a bass bait with treble hooks, I would choose a lipless crankbait like a Bill Lewis Rattle Trap. They vibrate rapidly and can actually be heard above the surface as well as below. Bass are attracted by the vibration, the sound and the sight of lipless crankbaits. Many anglers we know like to put single hooks on these lures because they feel it is easier to release the fish (which it is). You will see both of them below (one with treble hooks already installed and most without any hooks at all). We make a few cents if you buy any, and we’ve picked colors we have found very effective.

The most common Rat-L-Traps are the 1/4- to 3/4-ounce versions. Chrome/ blue, chrome/black are always good colors that cover a large water color spectrum. They are easy to use and cast very long distances. Ripping them through the weeds is a great way to work them. You can use them almost like a jig which is also effective. There really isn’t a wrong way to work them.You can work them shallow or deep, fast or slow.


They have the two most important qualities you need in a bass lure: Attracting qualities and triggering qualities. They consistently get bass to strike them. They even can be skipped under low hanging structure, but sometimes the treble hooks can grab the structure. Having the right tackle when using lipless crankbaits is important. Using baitcasters are the way to go, you can effectively work the lipless crankbait much better than a spinning reel. A rod with a forgiving tip in the moderate action range will work well. It will prevent the hooks from being pulled. Also some anglers prefer monofilament over braided line because of the stretch. Lipless crankbaits are fun to fish with because the strike is ferocious.

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