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    Team CO.F.F.

    Fished at the annual 4H Club Jackpot Fishing Tournament in Rangely, Colorado and we TOOK FIRST!
    Nothing crazy competitive, 6-7 team field with 3-4 people on each team. Had a great day though, pulled in over 54 LBS of fish, including a near Master Angler Carp! This fish was enough for us to also take the Heaviest Fish and Longest Fish of the tournament.

    The weather started out at mid 40’s that day but got up to the mid/high 70’s by late morning/midday…The bite increased with the rising temps and we wound up having a spectacular day throwing around Carolina Rigs and Hair rigs. LOTS of double ups, including self doubling up at the same time (Pictured below). I’ve never had to do a double armed hookset before with 2x rods, really fun!! This is the latest in the year I’ve ever fished Kenney Reservoir, and it was nice to see the water surprisingly clear(for Kenney) that day!

    Hope you guys enjoy the video if you get time, pics as always if you don’t! ???







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