How Fast do Redfish Grow?

Redfish grow fast in their juvenile years, as much as 1 inch a month in the year that they are born. By the end of their first year they can be as long as 14 inches. As adults they tend to grow more in girth then in length. Below is a chart with some approximate redfish growth rates:

Age (Years) Length
9 to 14 inches
14 to 19 inches
19 to 24 inches
24 to 27 inches
27 to 30 inches
30 to 32 inches
32 to 34 inches
34 to 36 inches
36 to 38 inches
10 38 to 40 inches

Some other interesting facts about redfish. In Florida some live to over 30 years. But the largest redfish ever caught was in 94 lbs 2 oz caught from the beach in North Carolina. It Measured 57 inches in length. The West Coast of Florida spawning season is now. It runs from August into November. With the spawn peaking in September to the first two weeks of October.


This month September is a great time to catch a huge bull redfish!!

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