I visit Fort Myers and need help about fishing there.

In the winter the redfish and seatrout fishing will be pretty good. If using live bait, shrimp will be your best bait. You can buy it live from a bait and tackle shop. You won’t have to throw a net and get all wet like you would if you were cast netting scaled sardines or threadfins. It is what the redfish and trout actually prefer during those months. Any grass flat in about 4 feet of water should produce plenty of trout. I would drift and while drifting work some jigs, like a DOA CAL on a 1/8th oz red head jighead. I would get one pack in a light color and another pack in a dark color. I would also put a live shrimp under a popping cork and use that also for the trout. If you catch a a good one, stop, anchor and work that area. The areas that have good grass and sporadic sand holes will usually be the most productive. You can also throw topwaters at this time of the year, they are very effective for trout. It’s also exciting to see the trout blow up on your topwater lure.


For redfish, I would target some dock areas around the residential canals. I would put a live shrimp on a 1/8th to 1/4 oz jighead and skip them up under and around the docks. The jighead size is based on the depth of water and the strength of the tidal current. I buy a lot of extra shrimp, because I like to chum up tide from the dock I am fishing. The chum will get the fish fired up and it can be used to draw them out from under the dock. Berkley gulps on a jighead are a good artificial bait choice.

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