I would like to know some fishing spots to catch fish in Key West, Fla

Hi Holly,

I would concentrate at all the bridges that cross the Key’s. Not only are they fish magnets, but many of the great tasting fish like snapper hang around those bridges. They also are fairly easy to catch whether from boat or land. The bridges all have areas you can fish from if you do not have a boat. There also is a series of fishing charts that you can buy that are made by a company called Top Spot. They cost approx $19. They are worth their weight in gold. You should be able to find them at any bait or tackle shop.


The Florida Keys Fishing Maps

The Florida Keys are broken up into three maps

  1. Upper Keys Chart # N-207
  2. Middle Keys Chart # N-208
  3. Lower Keys Chart # N-209

The charts not only name the bridges, but give you good areas to fish around those bridges. I also would find the local tackle shop near the area you want to fish. Talk to the employees and get the current rundown on what fish are being caught. Ask what, where, when and how.

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Captain David M Rieumont


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