What Are the Best Months to Catch Flounder?

The best months to fish for flounder in your area (you said you were from New Smyrna) off the beach is October and November, but flounder are a good year-round bite in your location and December also will have some flounder on the beach, depending on the cold fronts. By January they will be in the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) and around the spoil islands, and they will stay there throughout February and March.

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In April and May they will start showing around the inlets and jetties and some on the beach. June and July they spread all over. In August and September if the shrimp run and mullet run occurs, the flounder fishing will get very good in most places. By October and November larger congregations of flounder will be on the beaches.

A super live bait for flounder is a Creek Chub (aka Mummichog, bull minnows, mud minnow and killifish). Flounder love these and you can catch them in tidal creeks, coves and marsh areas with a minnow bait-trap. Another thing to remember with flounder is they love transitional edges or slopes that are soft, sandy or muddy. Make sure you keep your bait sliding, bouncing or in contact with the bottom. I found that Kahle hooks work really well with flounder. They don’t fall off the hook as much.

Flounder also have a light bite or take, so using braided line with a sensitive rod is a must. A 20-lb. fluorocarbon leader is ideal.

Here is a link to our Top 10 Tips for catching flounder

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