What Are the Best Sunglasses for Fishing?

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There is no doubt that high-quality polarized sunglasses are one of the most important tools you have on your boat. You should never fish without them. Many companies make fishing sunglasses like Ocean Wave, Bimini Bay, Costa Del Mar, etc., and they come in all different price ranges. The best for all types of water as far as getting the job done? They all work, but the glasses are so technically advanced that your question can really not be answered because they all work in all types of water. Let me explain further so you can choose which glasses will be best for you and your fishing. The sunglasses you purchase must be polarized. The Polarization is the first important part. All of the sunglass manufacturers above make all their glasses polarized. All these glasses are made to eliminate reflected glare and block out yellow and shortwave blue light to enhance color and clarity. Now here is the most important part:

Fishing Glasses

The sunglasses — whether the outside is green or blue mirrored glass, they do the same thing! Eliminate and block out reflected glare. But the companies use the Blue mirror to distinguish their offshore sunglasses by putting a gray interior lens. The gray interior lens enhances your vision in deep blue water with high open bluebird skies. They use the green mirror to distinguish their inshore glasses by putting a copper, amber or vermillion interior lens. The copper, amber or vermillion lens enhances your vision while sight fishing in shallow water. Either of the glasses mentioned will work in offshore or inshore fishing, so you still could use the Blue mirror inshore and the Green mirror offshore. However, they are fine-tuned to work better in their specifically designed types of fishing.

In short, if you do a lot of inshore fishing, the Green mirror with the copper, amber or vermillion interior lens is what you want. If you do a lot of offshore fishing, the Blue mirror with the gray interior lens is what you want. You will also see some glasses with a bright yellow lens which is called Sunrise. These would excel for fishing at dawn and dusk or if it is a really cloudy dark day. They are very, very bright, so not the best choice under most conditions.

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