What is the Best Way to Find and Fish for Pompano?

Mr Polit,

All the pier and bridge areas around Bradenton are good for pompano, with the Skyway bridge/pier area being the best.

The best jig is a Doc’s Goofy Jig in yellow or chartreuse with the pink teaser.


I like to tip mine with shrimp. Drifting grass flats in about 4 feet of water is also productive. The way to distinguish the difference between the pompano and permit is:

  • Permit have a longer dorsal fin
  • Permit have small teeth on their tongue (pompano do not)
  • Permit have a much deeper body

It is important to use a light fluorocarbon leader, like 15 lb. Pompano have very good eyes. I like to tip it with shrimp to give the jig some scent. Also in my experience pompano like the movement of that jig to be a sharp twitch. Sometimes a double sharp twitch as the jig works its way through the water column from the bottom to the top. As you have probably heard anglers like the jig to make a small puff of sand off the bottom to get the pompano’s attention.

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You can buy Doc’s stuff at  most sporting goods stores, so if you commonly shop see if you can pick a few up. To learn about them and buy them directly from the founder’s company, go here to the actual Doc’s site; they tell you where you might find them locally. It is a beautful albeit somewhat slow site. Be patient 🙂

Captain David M. Rieumont

Here are a few more popular and effective Pompano jigs. They are not Goofy Jigs, which are one of the best pompano jigs we’ve ever tried. These others work too, though, and it’s always good to have alternatives if your favorite bait(s) don’t work on any given day.

We make a few cents whenevever you buy stuff we recommend on Amazon. We only suggest stuff we feel is appropriate and effective. Or just fun.


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