What lures and baits are good for catching snook from land in Tampa?

Some great places to catch snook this time of the year are any of the beach areas, whether in Tampa Bay or over in Pinellas County. Inside Tampa Bay, Cypress Park over at the end of Cypress Avenue is an excellent place to catch snook. I would fish very early morning just as the sun comes up or late evening as the sun is going down. Another good place in the Bay in the early morning is over near the Courtney Campbell Causeway boat ramp. The boat ramp is on the Tampa side of the Causeway. Looking north from the boat ramp all the area to the west is excellent for Snook in the early morning. One of the reasons is that many of the anglers after a day a fishing, dump their scaled sardines at the boat ramp. It’s an easy place for Snook to feed.

In both these areas Cypress and causeway boat ramp using artificial baits work well. The four baits that I would use are: Live Target scaled sardines, Mirrolure Mirrodine color number 18 or 49, Zara Spook Jr in bone/silver or bone and last any white bucktail. If you fish these places at different times and tides you will quickly figure out which is best. Once you catch a snook, go back to that area on similar tides with the same baits and you should be successful again.

Snook Mirrodine

On another note Snook are nocturnal. They feed a lot at night. They also are less weary at night and there is more room for error. Meaning when presenting your artificial bait it does not always have to be perfect. Make sure you always use a fluorocarbon leader when fishing for Snook. A minimum of 24 inches.

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Captain David M. Rieumont


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