When do Crappies Spawn in North Florida?

Crappie in Florida can actually spawn year-round because of the warm water temperatures. But the bulk of the spawn usually occurs between February to April. Nests are fanned by males over gravel or muddy bottoms in depths of 3-8 feet, with big fish sometimes deeper. This is all based on water temperatures.

Black Crappie

So if we have a long and cold extended winter, the bulk of the spawn could start in March and extend into May. On the other end, if we have a warm winter, the bulk of the spawn could start in January. The ideal temperature range for Crappie to spawn is between 68 degrees to 78 degrees. So if in February the water temperatures get up to 68 degrees in the lakes in your area and it is around the new and full moon, the Crappie will start to spawn.

Captain David M Rieumont
The Online Fisherman Inc


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