When is the best time to bottom-fish for Largemouth bass?

You can bottom-fish for Largemouth bass at any time. The Texas-rigged worm basically is a bottom rig that is slowly fished along the bottom. It may be the most effective way to fish for Largemouth bass anywhere and anytime under all conditions. Here in Florida, we concentrate more on the bottom, particularly in deeper water during certain seasons and extreme water temperatures. For example, during winter when the water gets cold and the temperatures drop. Slowly fishing the bottom in deeper water (deeper water is more stable and warmer) works well.

Bass Worms

On the opposite end is the summer heat, as the water temperatures rise and the dissolved oxygen level gets lower with the hotter water. Bass again will seek the bottom and deeper water, because it will be cooler and more stable. So when Bass fishing, no matter what time of the year it is, I would always have a Texas-rigged worm ready and fish the bottom, besides other areas of the water column. Another way to fish the bottom when the bite is slow is with a Carolina Rigged worm, as it forces you to slow down your presentation.

I attached a photo of a Texas rigged worm.

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