Where and How Can I Catch Mullet as Baitfish?

Hi Mr. Chong,

The best pointer I could give you is to first scout out areas where the mullet are schooling up, and areas they move through on a regular basis. I would do this on a day that you do not intend to throw the net.

You will find some key locations where mullet will consistently school up and swim through. I would look for points of spoil islands, seawalls, docks etc., that you can tuck behind. You want to be hidden and not directly in the path of the mullet schools. You will soon find areas that are best.

Then the second time you go out bring the cast net. Pay attention and you will see them from a distance coming. You should have your mullet cast-net already loaded to hit them when then come by. If they detect your presence they will change course.

Make sure you have the proper mesh size mullet net, depending on what size mullet you want.

I would also make sure your net has a pound-and-a-half per foot weight-ratio. So if your net is 12 feet, the cast net weight would be 18 lbs.

Thank you for your question!

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Captain David M Rieumont

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