Where should we fish in the Keys in August?

Florida, as you probably know is the fishing capital of the world. Fishing is excellent year round, but August is one of the slower months for fishing in Florida. However, we still have plenty fun species of gamefish to catch.

I would definitely pick the Florida Keys to fish, and for a few reasons. It is by far the most diverse fishing you can ever find. You have so many options right in the Keys, such as the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Bay, etc.

Keys Map

You have inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing with hundreds of species to choose from. You also have Lobster (“bugs” as we call them) season at this time. So, hands-down it’s the Florida Keys.

Have a safe trip and let us know how you do. Thank you for sending in your question to The Online Fisherman. Please send us some pictures of your trip!

This map is from our Maps section and is specifically for the Florida Keys

CAP DAVE 05 Small

Captain David M Rieumont

The Patriot Angler Guide Services

You can check out Captain David himself from his incredible and very popular Patriotic Angler podcast. They cover every bit of fishing you can imagine, and there are new ones being created constantly. David and his team remain one of best resources any fishing community has anywhere in the country.


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